Columnist misses the point

It’s been said that there are three types of lies: lies, damn lies, and columns written by Mike Myer (with apologies to S. Clemens). His latest is a doozy. He complains that the National Flood Insurance Program is raising premiums so that property owners are no longer subsidized. He writes about this as if this is something new (and horrible).

No, it’s always been the case that the NFIP was supposed to be self-funding. That was the whole point. Congress did NOT want the public to subsidize owners of property in flood plains. There have been lots of claims against those policies in the last few years and premiums no longer pay their own freight. So they must rise.

Myer then goes on to compare the NFIP’s lack of subsidies with federal incentives for solar and wind projects. Apples and oranges. We subsidize things we want more of. Do we really want more people to build more homes and more businesses in flood plains?

FEMA has a brief history/summary of the NFIP on the web ( It’s well worth a read.

Daryl Cobranchi