AARP’s sellout to Obamacare

My jaw dropped when I read your page one article about the scam awareness program, which is promoted by AARP. A scam is the intent to defraud a person after gaining their trust. Defraud is a misrepresentation of fact in an attempt to deprive a person of property, etc. Obama has succeeded in pulling off probably the biggest scam on the greatest number of people ever with Obamacare. He did it with the help of AARP who was instrumental from day one in getting Obamacare passed.

Why did AARP throw seniors and baby boomers under the bus? Follow the money. A Ways and Means report says that AARP will make $1 billion-plus over 10 years if Obamacare remains in place. I called AARP and canceled my membership four or five years ago when AARP began TV ads supporting Obamacare. Thousands and thousands of seniors have done the same.

If you support Obamacare then AARP is the choice for you. If you don’t support Obamacare then cancel your AARP and check out Generation America or some other such group. If you are not convinced of anything in this letter, Google it.

David McCuskey