The NRA’s self-serving lie

I believe that most of the pro-gun rhetoric these days is distortion and lies frequently initiated by the NRA. Mr. Wolverton took exception to my position with his letter-to-the-editor on April 6. I’m the gun owner who doesn’t believe our Second Amendment is at risk and I’m tired of the frantic, hand-wringing claims to the contrary by the NRA.

The latest big lie offered by the pro-gun lobby to frighten the faithful is the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Mr. Wolverton says the treaty awaits the final step, which is Senate ratification. He must have visions of Senate ratification being an apocalypse where Obama, with treaty in hand, subverts our laws and destroys the Second Amendment. The NRA suggests this dangerous U.N. treaty will somehow, magically, bypass our legal process and become the law of the land.

Horse puckey!

The ATT does not threaten U.S. sovereignty. The ATT is a genuine international effort at gaining control over the flow of weapons from places like Iran and North Korea into areas of terrorist activity like the Middle East and Africa. The NRA distorts and twists the purpose of that treaty making it look like a conspiracy aimed at U.S. citizens. It isn’t! The ATT will have absolutely no impact on U.S. gun ownership.

On June 10, 1957, the United States Supreme Court (in Reid v. Covert) established that the United States Constitution supercedes’ any and all foreign treaties including those with Senate ratification. Our Constitution is supreme over all foreign treaties. The Supreme Court said, “To hold otherwise would allow Congress or the president to circumvent the Bill of Rights and do by treaty what they could not do by law.”

In other words, 57 years ago the United States Supreme Court rejected all possibility of any legal scenario ever happening like the one the NRA is now peddling to its membership as a “done deal.”

Our Constitution trumps the United Nations. For the NRA to say otherwise is a lie. A sad, misleading, delusional, self-serving lie.

Unfortunately, many followers of the NRA believe everything the NRA tells them. That is the really sad part of this continuing saga.

Ralph Chambers