Baseball a big hit in early 20th Century Parkersburg

Baseball freaks

Every baseball season produces its freaks, and 1917 is no exception to the rule.

In a recent game at the Polo Grounds, Greasy Neale, of the Reds, got a home run and a single in one time at bat.

“Can’t be done!” you say! Bet your small change first.

Neale came to bat with Chase on second and hit to center field for four bases. But as Pol Perritt, the Giant’s pitcher, wound up to pitch the ball that Neale slammed for a homer, a fan who had recovered a foul in the grandstand tossed it onto the field of play and umpire Harrison raised his hand, calling time just before the ball was hit.

After a conference between umpires and managers it was decided that the home run was legal and Neale was called back to the plate. He drove a single to left on the next ball pitched. As he was credited with but one time at bat he made a homer and a single in the one trip to the platter, something which doesn’t happen often.

From the Parkersburg Sentinel, July 7, 1917


Hoblitzell volunteered and undergoes examination for commission of dental reserve

By Associated Press

Boston, August 1.-Dr. Richard C. Hoblitzell, first baseman of the Boston American league baseball team, has volunteered and undergone examination for a commission in the dental reserve corps, it was announced today. Dr. Hoblitzell said he was uncertain when he was likely to be called.

Hoblitzell’s home is in Parkersburg, W.Va.

From the Parkersburg Sentinel, Aug. 1, 1917


North End: Fine team organized for amateur baseball league

Among the several teams which constitute the Amateur Baseball League recently organized in this city there is none more enthusiastic than that of the North End and this enthusiasm was roused to a greater extent when the team won the first game of the series played at the City Park Monday evening. Shaffer and Sprigg were the batteries and won the approbation of their supporters by the good work done. The team has its eyes fixed on the silver loving cups offered as prizes by Mayor J. Loyal Gilbert and Prosecuting Attorney J.S. Wade and have a strong notion of bringing them home to the North End.

From The Parkersburg News, May 1918


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