Board closer to selection of super

PARKERSBURG – The Wood County Board of Education will meet Monday to review three candidates for superintendent of schools

Board President Tim Yeater said the board will make an official decision Tuesday, voting on the hire during a regular meeting.

The board this week interviewed three candidates for the position: Ronald B. Cantley II, an assistant superintendent in Fayette County, W.Va.; John Flint, a retired Wood County Schools administrator; and Thomas Graves, a principal in Russell County, Va.

A fourth candidate, Kenneth Moles, an assistant superintendent with Raleigh County Schools, withdrew his name from consideration earlier this week.

Yeater said all three interviews went well.

The board spent more than three hours, about an hour per candidate, meeting them behind closed doors.

“We gave each candidate an opportunity to present themselves, professionally and personally, to the board,” Yeater said. “We went through and asked for a couple of questions from each board member. We then gave each applicant a chance to expand on any question or anything they felt was not addressed in our questions.

“Not only did we want to be thorough, we wanted to be fair,” he said.

Board members will meet Monday with the only item being discussion of the superintendent.

“We felt all three candidates had a lot to offer,” Yeater said. “The point now is to break down those strengths and weaknesses and discuss what each candidate brings to the table.”

Yeater said that meeting will be done behind closed doors so the board can review all information and discuss the candidates. No vote will be taken when they return to open session, he said.

“We’re not opening the door for another public discussion right now,” Yeater said.

Tuesday will be a regular school board meeting which begins at 6:30 p.m. at the district’s 13th and Plum street offices in Parkersburg. Listed on Tuesday’s agenda is a discussion of the superintendent position and an action item to appoint a new superintendent. The name of the new superintendent will be announced prior to the vote being taken.

Superintendent Pat Law announced in December he would retire when his contract expires at the end of June.

Though the new superintendent will officially begin July 1, board members have indicated they want the new superintendent to shadow Law to learn about the position and Wood County Schools.