Civil Service

PARKERSBURG – The Fraternal Order of Police named Sharyn Tallman to the position of Parkersburg Police Civil Service commissioner on Thursday, officials said.

The Fraternal Order of Police Blennerhassett Lodge 79 announced its appointment of Tallman as its representative to the Civil Service Commission on Thursday after a unanimous vote during a meeting on Wednesday, said Rick Modesitt, secretary of Lodge 79 of Wood County.

Tallman will fill the third seat on the Parkersburg Police Civil Service Commission, a three-seat commission tasked with hearing grievances, such as when an officer contests disciplinary action, and certifying test results required for new hires and promotions within the police department.

The seat, formerly filled by Joseph Gonzales, has been vacant since he was asked to resign by Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell in November, according to records.

“We wish to publicly thank Joseph Gonzales for his excellent service as commissioner,” a press release from the FOP said Thursday. “We wish to thank Mrs. Tallman for offering her service. Her credentials are outstanding, and we believe she will continue the service on the commission with honesty and fairness, just as Mr. Gonzales did.”

Tallman, a former city council member, was unavailable for comment Thursday evening.

Tallman will join Tom Joyce and George Zivkovich on the Parkersburg Police Civil Service Commission, said Newell.

Joyce and Zivkovich were appointed to the commission after the resignations of former commission members Doug Kreinik and Robert Campbell in November 2013, Newell said.

“The Civil Service Commission has moved on and done a good job correcting wrongs that were done in the past,” Newell said. “The community wanted to move on from that sad chapter, and I hope that we have,” he said.

Since Joyce and Zivkovich were appointed to the commission, 10 officers with the Parkersburg Police Department have been promoted, said Parkersburg Police Chief Joseph Martin. Two more officers are scheduled for promotion on April 15, and the exam required for hiring new officers has been administered, he said.

“It is my hope that (Tallman) will cooperate with the existing commission so that progress can continue,” Martin said. “The members of this department, as well as the residents that they serve, deserve a commission that will be un-biased and not politically motivated.”