Always think like Madison

Many have sound reasons for the Second Amendment: hunting, self defense, collecting, competitive marksmanship, etc. There is one more overwhelming, rarely mentioned need – as a deterrent for the population to retard and prevent a dictatorial regime in our country. That was the prime reason for the Second Amendment by those who just overthrew a dictatorial monarchy.

The writers of our basic laws, the Constitution, wanted our citizens to always be armed, which Americans possessed over almost every other country. Madison stated that most of the other countries’ “governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” This is how it was and still is. Recently, the concentration camp populations of Germany wished they had been armed, the same with those dying in the Soviet gulags, conquered states in Asia and Europe and people in countries without democracy. Present dictatorships in all areas of our world have no right to bear arms.

Our country is far from a fascist dictatorship, but we have lost some freedoms and must always think like Madison. For our children and grandchildren and those who follow please promote free access to arms for all our citizens unless they specifically by law individually lose that right.

To last week’s critic: The NRA is one large lobby for gun rights like the AARP is one large lobby for insurance sales including Obamacare. No more, no less.

Allen S. Ross