Welcoming all veterans

Regarding the March 23 letter to the editor in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel, titled “Remember All Our Veterans,” Ms. Davis is correct, we should remember and thank all veterans wherever or whenever they serve, or have served. Active duty, reserve or National Guard.

VFW Post 8127 welcomes all veterans or anyone who is interested in veterans to visit Post 8127 in Vienna. We have several opportunities for membership to include VFW, auxiliary and social memberships.

There are others in our communities that place service above self and they are our first responders; police, fire department and EMS members. These service members seldom receive the recognition they deserve. VFW Post 8127 is taking the initiative to offer a facility for these members to organize and meet. We do not have an organization like this in our community. What a great opportunity to organize a separate first responders organization and have them meet at a location like your VFW Post 8127.

On a social basis, what an excellent opportunity for those whom have served our country in the military and those who serve our communities on a daily basis to exchange common experiences and develop friendships.

Greg Smith