A responsibility to the future

This letter is in regards to the News and Sentinel’s mention of support for the proposed cracker plant by all those who stand to make a lot of money with its inception. There is ample evidence that this planet is going after five times the amount of fossil fuels the atmosphere can handle with companies spending up to $100 million a day to look for more.

Why not build a solar panel or wind turbine plant that would also create construction jobs, manufacturing jobs, installation jobs, and maintenance jobs, that will last as long as the wind blows and the sun shines? Why are “energy” corporations choosing to spend their billions in profits to ensure our grandchildren and those yet to be born do not have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink?

Our biggest responsibility in our lifetime is to ensure our future generations have clean air, water, good health, peace and justice. Were this country to take a portion of the 75 percent of taxes that go directly into the military and spend it on health care, college education, infrastructure, housing, and caring for our elderly (like all other industrialized nations of the world) we would not jump at the chance to make millions on destroying our planet because grandpa is in a nursing home costing thousands a month.

Why not use current fossil fuels to make the transition to clean energy. There will still be profits for corporations, just not as much. Perhaps CEOs would be willing to lower their multimillion dollar salaries to help their own grandchildren to breathe easier, drink safer water, and not be looked at as “criminal ancestors.” Greed is killing this planet. We are all guilty. So, when and if the cracker plant, fracking, injection wells, pipelines, and other fossil fuel businesses become a reality, one will also find homelessness, drugs, polluted water and air, accidents, and a lower standard of living despite the million dollars it may put in your pocket. Is it worth it? Ask your grandchildren.

Ron Teska