United Way Alliance Pacesetters Club reach record-high numbers

PARKERSBURG – United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, who raises funds for a network of health and human service agencies, publicly recognizes individuals that contribute $500 or more throughout its fall campaign. This elite group of donors, called the Pacesetters Club, provides the foundation upon which the rest of the community can build by recognizing the vital importance of personal giving at an exceptional level.

Pacesetter Co-Chairmen Larry and Rachel Johnson for 2013-14 state “As we conclude the 2013-14 United Way Alliance campaign, we are inspired by the generosity of the members of the Pacesetters Club, whose contributions are so essential to the great work of our 41 United Way agencies. We want to thank each and every Pacesetter who joined in this year’s campaign. You have indeed made a difference in our communities.”

Through March 14 there are 223 members who together have donated $276,552 to the United Way Alliance and its member agencies.

Leading the way at the Alexis deTocqueville Level are: Harry and Kathe Deitzler, Mary Riccobene, Nick Swisher.

Those giving at the Platinum Level ($5,000 to $9,999) are: Richard and Liza Adams, Arthur and Judy Campbell, Frank and Becky Deem, Harry H. Esbenshade Jr., Harry H. III and Margaret S. Esbenshade, Kevin and Debbie Fogarty.

Those giving at the Gold Level ($2,500 $4,999) are Arlene and Ed Borkowski, Robert J. Fehrenbacher, S. William and Martha R. Goff Memorial Fund, Alice M. Harris, Jan Dils Hughes and Charles H. Hughes, Michael and Catherine King, JoEllen and Barry Louden, Dr. Steven and Joyce Mestemacher, Dr. Frieda Owen, JT and Mary Thomas, Elsie and the late Cam Waybright.

Those giving at the Silver Level ($1,000 to $2,499) are Kimberly Allowat, Kristen L. Anderson, Linda S. Ankrom, Karl J. Boelter, Ellen and Dean Boone, Judith M. Borger, Ken Bowen, John L. Bush, Greg and Molly Cigal, Earl and Jeane Curry, Anne Davies, Jack Dunn, Wayne and Kay Dunn, J. Fred Earley, II, Dave and Kate Eichstadt, Reinhard and Jennifer Eisenmann, H. Smoot Fahlgren, George and Rebecca Freeman, Ryan Garrett, Dr. Marie Foster Gnage, Thomas G. Gyongyosi, Melinda Hartz, Leonard A. and Shirley E. Harvey Foundation Trust, Jeanne and Jim Hayhurst, Dr. Anna Hughes, Art and Mary Hunt, Larry and Rachel Johnson, William R. Leachman, Betty Lutz, Tom and Patti Mahlberg, David and Mary McClure, Gary McIntyre, Dr. Mark McKarnin, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mildren, David and Janet Mongilio, Sally Morgan, Dale and Jerelyn Musgrave, Jim and Trish Mysakowec, Frank and Dorsey Northrup, Scott and Laura Oran, Merrell O’Shea, Cynthia F. Palm, Keith Peifer, Chip and Jan Pickering, Leslie Pittenger, Susan Pittenger, Nick L. Roberts, Dr. Michael and Andrea Santer, Gia P. Schaffer, Pete Schindler, Dr. Charles and Trudy Seita, Roger and Anna Sheppard, Randall and Pamela Snider, Dan and Marlene Sterrick, Aaron and Kim Stone, Steve and Christy Swisher, Dr. H. Talbott Tebay, DDS, Dr. Paul and Marla VanDyke, Deborah J. Watt, Mary Welch, Jeff and Ann Wesson, Gerald T. Zell and 12 anonymous donors.

Givers at the Bronze level ($500-$999) are Douglas Adams, Joseph E. Anderson, David and Susan Armstrong, Heidi Asbury, Todd Baucher, Ann and Jim Beck, Gregory A. Bolton, William A. Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bugyis, Cindy and Jason Bullock, Audra Burke, Hughie Byars, Joe and Marcia Campbell, Robert and Susan Childers, Byars and Robin Clark, Carlen and Charlene Collins, Roberta Cox, Alison A. Crane, Kevin and Marla Cutright, Nancy Deem, George DeHoff, Daniel A. Dennis, Finbarr and Sallie Donavon, Tony and Angela Dunn, Bill and Connie Dziagwa, Mr. and Mrs. David J. Earl, Jim and Tina Fain, Juliette L. Farson, Dave and Lynn Ferguson, Sonny and Joan Foley, Jack Frost, Elvis and Anne Galbreath, Rick and Angie Gant, Sammy L. Gray, Tom and Lori Hackathorn, Roger Heldman, Bryan D. Hall, Rick and Annette Hamilton, Tom and Julie Heller, Amos (Glenn) Henson, Rod and Kay Hineman, Dave and Tama Hines, John M. Iles, Jim and Martha Jackson, Bob and Susan Kahl, Barbara A. Kight, Nathan D. King, William J. Knapp, Sivamurthy Kyathari, Hayden E. Lancaster, James R. Lawson, Joseph and Dianne Lee, Andrew and Loria Lett, Jason Lewis, Kenneth C. Litton, Michael and Joyce Lorentz, Bill and Joyce Mather, John M. Migliore, Chad and Nikki Mildren, Glen Miller, Serge Molinari, Richard L. Olcott, Robin Ollis-Stemple, Kendall Passmore, Christine E. Phillips, Rhonda Poling, William and Betty Rathbone, David and Rhonda Redmon, Anthony Rhodes, Bob Roesch, Mike and Susan Ross, Anna Schultheis, Lloyd and Judy Shelman, W. David D. Shoaf, Marc and Carlene Simpson, Thomas D. Simpson, Ty and Shannon Snodgrass, Tim and Karen Stauffer, Jack and Linda Stokes, Parnaz and Neil Strobl, Peter and Elizabeth Strobl, Philip and Amy Strobl, Scot and Betty Swartz, Jim and Suzanne Swearingen, Alan J. Szafranski, Bryan and Tracy Taylor, Carroll and Mary Lou Thompson, Dave Thompson, Kathy Tilton, George M. Volker, Connie Warfield and John Paul Richards, Dan and Sharon Wharton, Crystal D. Wheeler, Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Whitaker, III, Mike and Gina White, Linda Wigal, Darren Williams, David Williams, Joe and Martha Winans, Samuel and Sandra Winans, Dottie L. Wyatt and 26 anonymous donors.

“This has been a phenomenal year for our Pacesetter Club, Joyce Mather, executive director, said. “Thank you for your high level of confidence in the good works of United Way Alliance and our agencies.”

United Way Alliance agencies serve Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt, Wood, southern Washington and Athens counties.

Join the Pacesetters Club by sending your tax-deductible contribution to the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, 520 Grand Central Avenue, Unit 201, Vienna, WV 26105. A pledge can be made online at uwamov.com. Contact the United Way Alliance office at (304) 580-0570 for more information.