ER doctor Paul W. Nielsen writes book

PARKERSBURG – An incident at Gettysburg was an inspiration for a local emergency room doctor to write a book of the paranormal.

“I’ve never been a big believer in those sort of things” until his wife, Deborah, told him she felt someone tug at her hair during a ghost walk in Gettysburg, Pa., said Paul W. Nielsen. Later, the tour guide said a ghost of a young boy, Willie, pulls women’s hair as a prank, he said.

“That kind of got me to thinking,” said Nielsen, an emergency room doctor at Jackson General Hospital. “What if a ghost followed someone home?”

The result was “The Cambion,” published in February by Glass Page Books, which draws upon that experience at Gettysburg. “The Cambion” is Nielsen’s second book. The first, “The Second Son,” will be released later, he said.

The publisher, Glass Page Books, decided to release “The Cambion” first because of the interest in the paranormal, Nielsen said.

The book is about Dr. Beth Carmichael and her husband visiting Gettysburg where she encounters the ghost of her young son in a past life. The boy was killed by the cruel mistress of an orphanage.

The ghost of the boy and the malevolent demon Nahema who killed him follow Carmichael home where she and a paranormal researcher learn their only hope of being saved is to destroy the demon.

“The Cambion” is available on, Barnes and Noble and Books a Million, Nielsen said. It has received a five-star rating on Amazon.

Nielsen has worked as an emergency room doctor for 35 years. He hopes to retire from medicine and devote himself to his writing. He started writing when he was 50.

“I really enjoy writing,” he said.

“The Second Son,” also about the paranormal, will be released in the fall, Nielsen said. He is working on a sequel to “The Cambion” and a prequel to “The Second Son.”

He also is working on a new book “The Search for Creme Brulee.”

The Nielsens have a home in Parkersburg and a 236-acre ranch near Clarksburg.

Nielsen was born in LaCrosse, Wis. He worked at Fairmont General Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Parkersburg. He is the ER director at Jackson General Hospital.