Whirl Frozen Yogurt to open in Lafayette Center

MARIETTA – As the end of this week arrives, a new frozen yogurt shop, Whirl, will be serving up 10 flavors of frozen yogurt and all the toppings a bowl can hold.

Whirl is expected to open March 27 or 28 in the Lafayette Center.

Owner Melissa Harvey co-owns the Marietta shop with her husband, Doug Knippen. She said while the store is starting with just 10 flavors, they will change frequently.

“(Frozen) yogurt comes in 70-some flavors between the Greek and sorbets,” she said. “We’ll constantly be rotating flavors.”

Starting flavors will include: white chocolate mousse and dreamy dark chocolate, salted caramel pretzel and peanut butter, Tahitian vanilla and classic chocolate, no fat-no sugar strawberry and cheesecake and an original tart flavor with raspberry pomegranate sorbet. The flavors can be mixed, or whirled, or eaten separately.

The frozen yogurt is either low fat or no fat, Harvey said.

“It’s very good for you and very low calorie,” she said.

Harvey said there are toppings for every kind of person, whether they are a fruit lover or craving candy.

“We have 20 cold toppings,” she said. “We have up to 32 of the candy type. We have hot fudge, caramel and marshmallow.”

For 45 cents an ounce, customers can have as little or as much as they want.

“The customer controls everything,” Harvey said. “Some people like a little hot fudge, some people want a gallon.”

Up to 25 people can be seated indoors, but Harvey said outdoor seating will be forthcoming after the opening.

Manager Jean Miller said there will be sodas and water for customers to drink while they eat their frozen yogurt.

“Along with cold drinks, there will be (hot beverages),” she said.

Harvey said the idea to open a frozen yogurt shop came after many vacations in northern Ohio.

“We go up to Lake Erie a lot,” she said. “We go to Menchies. We’ve seen chain yogurt stores coming into Ohio. Then we started going to some in Parkersburg. People started saying, ‘I wish I didn’t have to go to Parkersburg,’ and I started looking into (opening a store) in August and this is it.”

Miller said the feedback on a Marietta frozen yogurt shop has been plentiful.

“Feedback has been tremendous,” she said, adding that many residents are looking forward to a local store.

Harvey said the shop will offer local nonprofit fundraising events, where a certain percentage of the proceeds will benefit a group. She said to call the shop after this week to get more details.

Though 10 part-time employees have already been hired, those looking to work at Whirl may still have a chance.

“We are going to be accepting applications after we open for summer positions,” Harvey said, adding that around six people would be hired for part-time work.

Harvey said the grand opening will be in a few weeks, after the initial opening of the store. She said she’s hopeful of a soft opening, but is anticipating many customers coming through the door.

“I just hope we’re prepared for it,” she said.