Pimping for the gun industry

The News and Sentinel printed a letter to the editor on March 16 titled, “Protect the 2nd Amendment.” As you might expect, that letter writer was a gun owner. Unfortunately, that writer is typical of many present-day gun owners. His letter repeated all of the usual bogus talking points offered by the NRA. Things like: “the Second Amendment is under attack,” “Wake up America,” “universal gun registration is coming,” “the United Nations is going to take our guns,” “Obama is going to take our guns,” “well, someone is going to take our guns,” etc. His letter mentioned just about every silly, baseless, unfounded conspiracy theory currently being floated by the NRA.

I’m a gun owner but I don’t believe, for one minute, that my Second Amendment rights are at risk. So why do others think they’re at risk? Who are these people who are so easily impressed with this ridiculous NRA propaganda that they automatically accept and embrace every mindless conspiracy theory belched up by the gun lobby?

The present-day NRA has only one item on their national agenda. Their only purpose is to pimp for the gun industry. Their strategy is simple but effective. Create an imaginary problem that will frighten their target audience. Lie if necessary, but say whatever it takes to convince the target audience the government is out to destroy their beloved Second Amendment. Convince them their only hope is to buy more guns before the imaginary ban on gun ownership takes effect. If making you afraid of an imaginary problem will help the NRA sell more guns then you can bet the NRA will do everything possible to scare you.

I’m amazed at the number of people who buy into this scam yet are oblivious to the fact they’re being used for political and commercial purposes.

Ralph Chambers