SW Resources holds awards banquet

VIENNA – For 50 years, SW Resources has provided employment opportunities for many with disabilities throughout the community.

Community members and a number of SW’s client employees came out to the Parkersburg Country Club on Tuesday evening for the SW Resources Annual Awards Banquet.

SW Resources provides vocational services, employment and other opportunities for individuals who have disabilities. Since 1964, SW Resources has been providing community-based vocational rehabilitation.

“2013 was a fantastic year for SW,” said Terah Klein, President and CEO of the organization. “We have been growing for the last few years.

“We are continuing to grow. We have served more clients than we have in quite some time. We continue to get that number up.”

Klein said the organization is continually proud of its successes. In 2013, SW Resources served 267 client employees, paying out a total payroll of over $1.4 million.

“We were able to place 33 individuals into competitive employment or promoted into a supervisory position within SW Resources,” Klein said.

SW has hired additional job coaches and expanded its enrichment program from three days to five days a week to offer more education options and more, she said.

“All of these are going on,” Klein said. “We are growing, we are excited, we are helping individuals and that is what it is all about.”

Awards were given for Tops on the Job, Staff Award (Lewis Baldwin), Community Awards, S.H.I.P. Safety Award (Amanda Long), the Harvest of Opportunities Award (Carl Mayfield), Volunteer of the Year Award (Jarrid Pennell), the Make A Difference Award (The Arc of the Mid-Ohio Valley), the Gary Hellber Award (Colin Kelly), the Bud Burdette Award (James Donaway), the Robert Nutter Award (Sterling Stephens), Gateway to the Community Award (James Archer) and the Ben Hatfield Award (Robert Lyons).

Sterling Stephens was one of 12 client employees who received a Tops on the Job Award for making progress towards his vocational goals and he won the Robert Nutter Award as an employee who began his career with SW Resources and has continually persevered through whatever trials he needed to in order to succeed.

“I feel pretty good,” he said Tuesday. “I thought I was getting one and then I found out I was getting two.”

Stephens, who works as a janitor, has been with SW Resources for two years. He also works off-site at a couple of locations. He is also a client mentor who helps guide others at work, showing what they need to know at a job site.

SW Resources has been very beneficial for him.

“They are my family, all of them,” Stephens said. “It has always been that way.”

Heirloom Finds of Vienna was one of the local companies who received a Community Award for providing opportunities to SW Resources client employees. The business has two SW client employees who are working in packing and shipping fulfillment.

“They have worked out wonderfully,” said Kim Williams, company president.

“They have been a great addition to the team,” added Mallory Greenham, director of marketing.

Greenham said the business is working with SW Resources on a number of projects right now and dealing with them is easier than trying to coordinate with some people out-of-state.

“It is nice to have someone local to help us out on a number of things,” she said.

Jeanne Peters, vice president, commended the quality work force SW provides

“We have had the advantage of working with an organization we really believe in and helping people have employment that might otherwise might not have the opportunity to be in the community working,” she said. “It has been a win-win for us. They are a great organization.

“The clients we have worked with have been outstanding in their attitude and their job performance. We could not have found better employees if we had gone out looking for them.”

Dan Cooper, the 2013 SW Board of Directors Chairman, said the client employees are why he has volunteered with the organization for 20 years.

“They are amazing people,” he said. “They come in everyday and give us 100 percent of everything.

“I am very proud of them.”

Dave Emerick, the 2014 SW Board of Directors Chairman, said he is looking forward to continuing to work with everyone at SW.

“These folks come to work everyday and do a wonderful job,” he said. “This is the night for them.

“It is about recognizing the clients and the volunteers who make it all work.”