PSHS teacher suspended for Facebook post

PARKERSBURG – Parkersburg South High School teacher David Foggin has been suspended for four days.

Foggin, a science teacher at the school, came under fire over the weekend after posting a picture to Facebook of a poster advertising meetings for the PSHS Gay-Straight Alliance student club and seemingly making fun of the organization and students.

On Tuesday, Wood County Schools Superintendent Pat Law confirmed Foggin was suspended Tuesday morning and would not be at the school the remainder of the current week.

“It will be until Spring Break,” which is scheduled to begin Monday, Law said. “He’s not in the classroom this week.”

Law said he would bring the suspension to the school board when they return to session after Spring Break. At that time the board will decide whether the suspension is paid or unpaid and any other changes.

“That’s up to the board as to whether to approve it or not,” Law said.

Law said the incident is still under investigation. Parkersburg South Principal Tom Eschbacher did not return a call seeking comment Tuesday.

Wood County Board of Education President Tim Yeater said he wanted to make sure the school system conducted a thorough investigation.

“Our main concern here is our students and student rights,” Yeater said Tuesday, “but we also have a vested interest in our employee rights.”

Foggin, who on Monday declined to comment on his original post, posted a cryptic message on his Facebook page Tuesday, claiming he planned to run for sheriff in 2020.

“I love everyone and I promote fairness and equality,” he said on Facebook. “I have difficulty with favoritism and bias given any person or group.”

Foggin then went on to talk about protecting the First Amendment, the right to free speech, through use of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.

“Love you all. Get a concealed carry permit while u still can. Protect urself and ur(sic) family. Thank God for every breath he give u!!(sic)”

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office listed only one David Foggin in its concealed carry permit database, said Dede Tranquill, Concealed Weapons Deputy. That David Foggin has a Belleville address, Tranquill said.

Foggin’s Facebook page indicates that he lives in Belleville, but the remainder of his information is listed as private.

The David Foggin listed in the concealed carry permit database had a permit to carry a concealed pistol or revolver, Tranquill said.

That permit expired in April 2013, Tranquill said.

According to the West Virginia Firearm Laws handbook, a weapon permit does not allow weapons, concealed or otherwise, to be carried in:

* Primary or secondary school systems, school grounds, school-sponsored functions, school buses or school conveyance.

* Any building or area prohibited by municipal code.

* County courthouses, facilities housing a court of West Virginia.

* Regional jails, detention facilities, State Division of Corrections facilities.

* The State Capitol Complex.

* Anywhere a firearm is prohibited by the owner, lessee, or person charged with the property’s care.

* Federal government properties, restricted access areas in airports, and any place where firearms are prohibited by federal law.