Glotfelty Tire celebrates 10 years in area

PARKERSBURG – Glotfelty Tire Center Inc. is celebrating its 10th anniversary in south Parkersburg.

Located at 33 Clinton Ave. on West Virginia 14, the tire center opened in March 2004 and sells tires from several major manufacturers and provides other automotive services, said Galen Glotfelty, owner.

In 1956, the company opened the first of seven centers in Oakland, Md.

Glotfelty said 60 percent of the business is tires.

“We have 10,000 tires in stock,” he said. “It is convenient for our customers to come here and ask for a certain tire and we always have it, any size and usually any brand.”

Glotfelty said Parkersburg is one of the company’s tire warehouses.

“We distribute from here to our other branches,” he said. “The benefit to this area is there is no special ordering and the convenience of coming here at any time and getting a new set of tires knowing we have them here.”

In addition to tires, he said the company services vehicles of all sizes.

“We handle all kinds of service,” he said. “We do brakes, suspensions, alignments, lift kits, mag wheels and air conditioning work, everything but engines and transmission work.”

Glotfelty said they primarily carry tires from Goodyear, Cooper, B.F. Goodrich and Michelin.

“Of course we can order any brand that’s out there and available for our customers,” he said.

Glotfelty said the Parkersburg store has 16 employees, including four mechanics who have been working there from the first day. He said most employees have been there from the start.

Glotfelty employs 140 people in seven locations.

Glotfelty said the Parkersburg center is located in a growing area.

“We are excited by the development of the south side,” he said. “For the first five years it was a little stagnant, but since Kohl’s opened it has turned around and started to see growth.”

Glotfelty said despite the slow start he is happy with the location.

“As far as our 10 years here it has been fantastic,” he said. “It was slow the first few years and then this area began developing and south Parkersburg is growing more than I expected it would. And with the news from down the pike, it’s going to get larger.”

Glotfelty said the increase in traffic has translated into more business.

“The south Parkersburg area has become more attractive to the entire town,” he said.

Glotfelty said an appointment is not required for service.

“If you are driving by and have a service need, stop in,” he said. “It’s not a problem at all.”

In addition to Parkersburg and Oakland, the company has locations in LaVale, Md., Bridgeport, Elkins, Petersburg and Morgantown.

“We’re excited to have been here for 10 years and hope we’re here for another 30, 40 or more years,” he said. “I have the option to live near any of the other facilities but I chose Parkersburg. I’m going to stay here. I love the area and I love doing business here.”