Making our talents work for all

Brian Williams of NBC recently featured a 3-year-old girl whose IQ of 160 equals that of deceased Albert Einstein. Possibly this child in the future, as well as others who have not surfaced, will enhance life for us.

Our only hope lies in the ingenuity of fellow humans to dig from Mother Earth’s bosom, her undiscovered bounty. Could it be that she might discover additional food sources, new fuels, cures, the de-salting of ocean water, the solution to adequate housing for the world’s billions of people, and, lastly, the way to put us to work.

Life is interesting. No one can predict when life will throw out a Galileo, an Edison, a Franklin, a Curie, or a Salk.

God, our creator, according to His son Jesus, gives mankind one to five talents. Possibly the one talent may only be able to smile, but that is a gift.

So, there are gradations of talent; with this 3-year-old girl probably in the five-talent group. Let us hope that she has a bright, productive future.

John Bryan