Protect the Second Amendment

Each time you open a paper or go online, you read of someone in government trying to take, modify, register, or ban our Second Amendment rights in one way or another: assault weapons, magazine capacity, United Nations arms treaty, and universal gun registration.

The Second Amendment is the law of the land. The NICS FBI background check is setting all-time records. Ask people that have never owned a firearm in their life and are first-time buyers. Almost 10 to one they will tell you they don’t trust our president or our government. This a sad state of affairs. When people fear their government it is tyranny. When government fears the people, it is liberty.

Fact: When Obama took office he said he was basically going to transform America. Fact: He said I will have a bigger and better equipped force than our military. Fact: The government is buying 2 billion-plus rounds of hollow-point ammunition and many firearms. Fact: Our military cannot even use hollow-point ammunition. (Rules of the Geneva Convention.) Fact: Obama is purging our military of top officials – admirals and high ranking generals. Fact: Obama wants to cut our armed forces to 1940 size (440,000).

There are 22 million veterans in the U.S. There are at least 12 million hunters. Do the math.

An article appeared in The Parkersburg News several days ago titled “Our Opinion” “Pandering.” This article has to do with House Bill 4310 which deals with concealed carry of a handgun. The bill would restrict information on those who have a concealed carry permit and it would only be made available to law enforcement. What good would it do if someone knew you had a carry permit? What does it matter if your next-door neighbor has a permit? Remember, we are the good guys. We have been checked by the FBI and found squeaky clean. Many times each year you hear of someone with a carry permit stopping a crime or a murder.

Several years ago there was a guy that came on the radio over WWVA in Wheeling. His fictitious name was Earl Pitts and he came across as a buffoon, but most of the things he said made sense. He always said at the end of his speech, “Wake up, America!”

Enough said.

Gene Bell

Friendly, W.Va.