Belpre Woman’s Club supports greenhouse effort

BELPRE – As a way to help the students of the Belpre City Schools District as well as the community, the Belpre Woman’s Club will hold a fundraiser for the high school’s greenhouse project.

To help raise funds for the Belpre High School greenhouse project, the woman’s club will have an evening at Wendy’s on Washington Boulevard from 4 to 8 p.m. March 20, with all proceeds earmarked for the science project, said event organizer Joyce Lorentz.

“We are a community organization that wants to help out in any way we can,” said Lorentz. “The woman’s club has embraced this project and wants to help in any way possible.”

During the four-hour Wendy’s event, 10 percent of the money from all sales – in store and drive thru – will go toward the greenhouse while money collected through games and door prizes will join the funds from the restaurant.

“We will also collect monetary donations for the greenhouse,” Lorentz said. “I have had people ask if they can donate money and we will gladly collect it for them.”

For several months Belpre High School Principal Dennis Eichinger has been working with community organizations to raise money and build a greenhouse on school property.

During the February Belpre City Schools District Board of Education meeting, Eichinger gave an update on the greenhouse project. At the time, Eichinger said the group was working on a timeline and plan with the project’s donors to know when to begin the construction.

The current plan and hope is to have the greenhouse completed by April 30 to allow students in science classes to begin working in the building as an extension of their laboratories.

One of the plans for the completed greenhouse is to have students in the science classes grow fruits and vegetables to be served in the district’s cafeterias.

Eichinger said the school’s plan includes the creation of food science classes to use the greenhouse along with environmental sciences, biology and chemistry classes.

“I think this greenhouse is going to be fantastic for the kids,” Lorentz said. “A lot of kids don’t know or understand where food comes from and this greenhouse, I believe, will be a great teaching tool.”

The school has support from the Belpre High School Alumni Association, Belpre Rotary, Bob’s Market and Greenhouse and the Ohio Department of Health.

The greenhouse kit alone will cost more than $20,000 while the project has accumulated roughly $60,000 with more needed to afford the concrete for the foundation and other necessary items.

Lorentz said she has no idea how much money the Wendy’s fundraiser will raise for the project.

“It likely won’t be a lot of money, but every little bit helps and we want to show our support,” she said.