Everything’s up but our wages

I don’t know about you, but for me I am really tired of sales calls, giveaway calls, survey calls, and any other call that is not related to family, friend or business that I deal with. I don’t care that lobbyists write the bills that leave people’s concerns out, or that contracts are written that leave the people out or that businesses use our airways without regard to the people. Those are the people’s airwaves, and they have been stolen from the people by fast-talking, slick operators or given away by our elected officials for favors, especially campaign contributions.

Our Congress allows, by law, businesses to market products for Medicare and taxpayer subsidies of postage for all the junk mail you and I receive. Our Commerce Department does not protect us from marketing agents. Our FCC and FTC do not protect the people’s airwaves for the people but rather encourage marketing of the public for business. Our MBA schools teach students how to market any and all products. Now we are experiencing on a moment-by-moment basis the end result of all of this. It is enough to drive a sane person mad.

I know what many of you are thinking. Now that corporations are people and profits are more important than any other thing that all of this is business as usual and OK. All I have to say to this one-sided thinking is when will all of you hucksters who believe in the so-called free market realize and understand that there is nothing free about the so-called free market. It is a fair market that we want.

We had a fair market until the deregulation mania hit. Now we have a whole system that thinks anything business is more important than people. This present system has usurped my telephone, my computer and my television. This makes me angry and I want it to go back to the way it was when I welcomed the ring of the telephone. I remember all the discussion at the inception of cable. It would never be so expensive that people could not afford it. Cable would increase as people’s wages increased. Well, everything has gone up except people’s wages. The wages in America have been stagnant because of these same companies and most of the corporate sector.

Michal K. DiClemente