Too much emphasis on freshmen

Someone who believes everything is right in the world might want to take a closer look, especially with athletics in general.

I’ve often wondered why weekly honors in the college basketball ranks recognize not only a Player of the Week, but also a Freshman of the Week.

Where is the lovin’ for the sophomores, juniors and seniors contributing their services in college basketball? Last time I checked, their presence is just as vital – if not more because of experience- to the continuity of the team.

Bloggers and polltakers on websites fall into this trap as well. Why do freshmen receive all the glory on a weekly basis when some will be looking to exit for the NBA Draft once their school is eliminated from the postseason?

I admire the student-athlete who sticks it out for four years, regardless of talent, and walks on stage in the spring of their senior year to receive their diploma. By now, you can tell I am nowhere near a John Calipari fan, who doesn’t apologize when he recruits a high school senior for the sole purpose of having his services for one season at the University of Kentucky before said player says enough of this scholarship and eyes the cashola waiting to be collected at the professional level.

I’m sure there are others who are just as guilty, but it doesn’t make it right.

* With the postseason in high gear for high school basketball, I wonder if a different outcome would have greeted teams like the Williamstown boys and Ravenswood girls basketball teams if they had been at full strength during their elimination games.

Ravenswood point guard Hailey Miller fell to the floor not once, but twice with the same knee injury as the Red Devils lost to Ritchie County in overtime in last week’s sectional semifinal. My initial thought was an ACL injury, but in talking with a member of the Ravenswood teaching staff he mentioned Miller was up and about the next day.

Let’s hope all bases are covered and Miller receives a thorough checkup so that when next basketball season arrives she is 100 percent on the mend. If that’s the case, Ravenswood and coach Cara Williams will have a top-10 caliber program with every member of the program returning.

Williamstown falls under the same umbrella. The Yellowjackets played the final two weeks of the season without the services of 6-foot-3 junior Chandler Weber, who suffered a severe ankle injury.

Weber made himself extremely versatile with his 3-point shooting and ability to work the boards. This is the same player who barely made the cut as a freshman.

“Chandler made himself into an outstanding player in Class A,” coach Scott Sauro said. “It was all effort.”

Like Ravenswood, there was no senior night for Williamstown this season because there were no seniors on the roster to recognize. The Yellowjackets closed out the campaign with 17 wins after losing to Parkersburg Catholic in Tuesday’s sectional semifinal. More than double the victories from the previous season.

So what does Sauro and his staff have in store for 2014-15?

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