Quit demonizing the tea party

I am so sick and tired of the demonizing of the tea party. The attacks come from all sides, the left and right. If people would do a little research, they would understand exactly what the tea party is and why both sides are attacking it.

The tea party represents smaller government, fiscal responsibility, honest dealings within our government, and adherence to the Constitution. Protests by this group tend to be peaceful, respectful and law abiding.

The same cannot be said for the Occupy movement that has been plagued by many crimes, violence and overall disrespect of people and property. The media largely ignores these facts and chooses to spin the latter as good and the former as bad. The reason for this is that the tea party is a threat to those in power. If the tea party gains control of the government, this will spell an end to business as usual in Washington. There will be real hope and change in D.C. We would see an end to our government representing corporate interests and lining their own pockets. Have you ever asked yourself how a career politician is worth millions when they have only held a government job? Do you believe this situation is on the up and up?

The fact is our country is in dire straits. We are at a point in our history where we very well could be facing the fall of the Republic. History proves this to be true. All great nations have fallen victim to this cycle. Our Founders recognized this and tried to prevent the collapse, but it is dependent on the active participation of the people. The tea party movement may very well be the only hope we have to avoid the troubles that this country will soon be facing. We have record deficits and debt, abject poverty, record food stamp enrollment, and trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. Saying that things won’t go south in this country is a pipe dream. I am sure the citizens of Rome thought the same exact thing.

To survive the trials we face I urge everyone to embrace the ideals of the Constitution and find that “can do” American spirit. The tea party is an attempt to bring the vision of the Founders once again into the light so that the USA will remain the greatest country to ever exist in the world.

Jay Owens