Some sounds of spring are ugly

The spring-like weather has brought out various vehicle noises that have somewhat been silenced by the weather for a few months. Its always nice to have the sounds echo through your home: a racing ATV on Fort Boreman Hill or going down city streets, a motorcycle or even some diesel trucks.

I understand to some that loud noise brings pleasure for some reason but to others is it ever loud. I don’t even see really why we require vehicles to have a muffler system when it doesn’t reduce any noise at all from some of the vehicles driven. Would be nice to see a change in this area of law.

When you can’t even sleep in your home for road noise or hear the TV over it, it’s too loud. I have nothing against these vehicles just wish the sound could be dampened some so that the ones that don’t want to hear it in their home don’t have to. It’s one thing to affect yourself but when it affects others it doesn’t seem fair when they have no voice in the matter.

Adam Coull