The global warming religion

It is interesting that over 95 percent of those who insist “global warming” or “climate change” or whatever is an undeniable fact, are either paid to work in this field, or financial beneficiaries (like Mr. Gore) of these theories, or government connections promoting it.

Also the implication that changing our economy, jobs or cost of energy in these United States with only 6 percent of the world’s population can effect the weather worldwide is unsupportable.

Meteorology is a science and the theories can be challenged by scientific methods. To state the theory of climate change as undeniable makes it a religious belief. Making fun of “deniers” and calling them equal to those who denied the earth was flat which was a religious proposal at the time is absurd. Science proved the spherical shape of our planet. Supporting global changes to reduce the chemicals all animals, including man, exhale and the food for all plants (carbon dioxide) intake is a ripoff.

A strong case for not cutting jobs, not lowering our standard of living with increased costs and improving our economy in the world can be made by not promoting the religion of promoting global weather projections exclusively within the U.S. Any political party that promotes this does not deserve our support and large junks of our personal taxes.

Please vote for use and conservation of all our resources, a healthy and clean environment and jobs and liberty and freedom.

Allen S. Ross