Local Bob Evans closed for remodeling

PARKERSBURG – The Bob Evans restaurant at Park Shopping Center will be closed through Saturday for remodeling efforts, officials said.

The Park Shopping Center Bob Evans is the first local restaurant on the West Virginia side of the Ohio River to undergo what is being termed as “the Farm Fresh Refresh,” said Jaclyn Walbert, manager of the Pike Street Bob Evans in Parkersburg.

The Park Shopping Center restaurant will have a complete front-of-house makeover, Walbert said. By the time it opens again on Sunday, it will look nothing like its former self, she said Tuesday.

The dining room is being completely remodeled this week, Walbert said. This includes a new coat of paint and new carpet throughout the dining room area, she said.

The booths will be replaced and the wall decorations will be changed, giving the area a new feel, she said.

The employees will be given new uniforms once the remodel is complete, Walbert said. Details of those uniforms were not available Tuesday evening.

Perhaps the biggest change that guests will notice will be the addition of a bakery area, Walbert said. This front-of-house bakery will be the source for all of the restaurant’s baked goods in the future, offering freshly made doughnuts, cookies and other sweet treats, Walbert said.

The Bob Evans management is updating its restaurants with the Farm Fresh Refresh by district sections, Walbert said. Every store is scheduled for this remodel, she said.

Each store will be closed for approximately one week while the remodel is taking place, Walbert said. The Marietta Bob Evans is in a different district and has already undergone the Farm Fresh Refresh process, she said.

The Pike Street restaurant is scheduled for renovations from March 24-30, she said.

The Park Shopping Center restaurant will reopen at its normal time on Sunday morning, Walbert said.