Recovery project to start helping addicts in March

PARKERSBURG – The Latrobe Street Mission on March 3 will launch The Grace Project, a long-term recovery program.

“This a comprehensive one-year recovery program designed to help individuals attain and maintain a life of freedom from addiction and other life-dominating behaviors,” said Jason Batten, operations manager at the mission. “The Grace Project is not an addictions treatment program, it is a lifestyle recovery program.”

The program will have three phases, and everyone who enters can choose to enter either the faith-based track or the traditional recovery program.

Batten said the project will include a number of local agencies and programs where clients may be referred, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Westbrook motivational recovery counseling and intensive out-patient treatment, and others, as well as participating in lifeskills classes.

The program will start on March 3, he said.

Participants may come from the mission’s homeless shelter, from area transitional housing, from referrals from other agencies and individuals making the inquiry themselves, Batten said. The project has received received statewide support and attention for this project, he said.

“To be eligible to enter the program all we ask is a sincere desire to change your life,” Batten said.

Funded through grants, contributions, donations, the project will be offered free to participants, but those in the faith-based track will be asked to pay $10 for a relapse prevention book that will be used.

“We are receiving referrals, and some individuals have just inquired about the program themselves, we do ask they read the information packet before applying,” he said.

Applications are available through the mission and on the website, Batten said.

“This recovery program was always a part of the vision for the shelter project. Homelessness always has a deeper root, and we wanted to offer these services to those in the shelter, but also to others in the community who are tied down by these types of problems,” said Shad Martin, mission director.

The three-step comprehensive recovery program is designed to help an individual attain and maintain recovery from life-dominating behaviors which could range from alcoholism, or drug abuse to gambling, phobias, any behavior that is affecting their life, Batten said.

The first phase is recovery, getting clean and sober, Martin said.

Participants will have recovery-focused activities scheduled from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The second phase will be to maintain and build skills.

“They will be building life skills, getting employment, they will advance together with the idea being that will be build camaraderie/support among the group members,” Batten said.

Phase III will be re-entry and mentoring, he said. They will be involved with working full-time, saving their money, creating a budget, working on re-entering society, while at the same time serving as mentors for a new group entering Phase I, Batten said.

“The long-term support is key to maintaining their success when times get tough,” Batten said.

There will be a maximum of 20 men and 10 women for the first phase.

Those interested in the program can get the information packet at the Latrobe Street Mission, 1825 Latrobe St., Parkersburg or go online: to learn more.

Shelter programs and services are offered at no charge to recipients and the nonprofit mission has been serving the community since December 2012 surviving on donations, grants and proceeds from a thrift shop, Twice Is Good that is located in the shelter.