Become an informed voter

The hottest segment of voters in America today is not Republican voters or Democrat voters; it is the uninformed voter. The uninformed voters are citizens that are registered to vote and can be influenced easily to support a cause or a candidate.

Media-savvy campaigns and big money PACs manipulate the message about their opponent. In this manipulation the truth is often times subordinate to their message. They do this with the goal in mind of tearing down the opposition and leaving theirs the only choice to vote for. They use frequency of message as a prime tool in this manipulation. Simply put the more times you hear something however unlikely, the more you will think it is true no matter how outrageous the claim.

Please do not buy into this and waste your vote. In 2014 there will be many great choices to consider. The Republican Party has been very diligent and filled the ballot at the local and state levels. You now have a choice for who you are going to vote for from U.S. Senate to county officials. These candidates are brimming with ideas and are willing to step in and roll up their sleeves to help our county and state. I urge you to talk to these candidates, ask questions to their campaign staffs. Gather information and make informed decisions on what you then know, not on what a PAC advertisement tells you.

The Democratic machine has had over 70 years of offering you very little in the way of choices; 2014 is all about choices; 2014 is the time to take back our state from the destructive influence of the Democratic administration and their allies here in West Virginia. Make your choice by self-determination and do not give into being influenced. For the best future for our county and state be a informed voter and not part of the uninformed.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rocky Peck is vice chairman of the West Virginia State Republican Executive Committee, and Committeeman, Union District, Wood County Republican Executive Committee.