Our wonderful young students

One of the pleasures of working for the Wood County Commissioners is the variety of projects you get involved in throughout the community. Recently, I was able to join many others in judging social studies fairs, both at Edison Middle School and then the county competition held at Blennerhassett School.

What an enlightening experience this turned out to be, as I was fortunate to see first-hand, hundreds of wonderful students the Wood County School System has to offer. My heart was filled and my spirits lifted as every one of the students presented projects that had personally inspired them for various reasons. Throughout their presentations it was apparent they had truly taken a special interest in their individual project themes, and had become deeply informed and educated about every detail available. Their level of enthusiasm impressed all that were judging.

I left that night with total awe and admiration for each student that had made their presentation, but then began to wonder why I was so astonished. I became aware that our county is filled with wonderful young students that people in our community never get to hear about. Instead, we hear about the few that are troubled, leaving the impression that these are the ones that represent our community.

Now it is time to challenge our local media to cover more of the great students that dominate our school system and less of those who fail us. Our citizens will become even more proud of Wood County and what we have to offer if we use our students to set the example. They will inspire everyone just as they inspired me this month. So thank you to all of our students in Wood County Schools that make this a better place to live.