Police warn of Wirt County home invasion

MUNDAY – West Virginia State Police are warning people to be careful after a Wirt County woman was the victim of a home invasion last week.

The incident occurred Friday night in Munday.

The West Virginia State Police reported a woman called in regarding a man who came to her house looking for gasoline, said Lt. Michael Baylous, public affairs officer for the West Virginia State Police.

”There was something about it that did not seem right about it to her,” Baylous said.

He was acting strange.

The woman produced a handgun and told the man to leave at which time the man lunged for the gun and tried to take it away.

”They struggled and it went off,” Baylous said. ”It must have scared him, because he ran off.”

The woman was not identified.

The Wirt County Detachment of the West Virginia State Police is investigating. The investigating officer is out of the office until Friday evening, officials at the detachment said. The incident report, with a description of the man, was not available.

”It is good to get this information out,” Baylous said. ”People need to be aware if someone is out there doing this.”