Always put students’ safety first

To Mr. Roe of Feb. 2 and his comments on school closings. Many roads in Wood County are not treated at all, and the buses run on most of them. If he is willing to deal with lawsuits and paying the awards and settlements that will follow, please let the BOE know.

Is he willing to drive the bus with 60 students on the icy roads and chance that lawsuit if he slides into a ditch and children are injured? What if other cars run into the bus? What if his child or grandchild were on that bus? What if his child was hit while standing in minus-20 windchill waiting on a bus?

All the training bus drivers get cannot compensate for the many drivers around here who should stay off the roads in the conditions we have had lately. (Did you really need to go to Walmart?)

I could say more but will stop with “Safety first!”

Glenda Lipsmeyer

Mineral Wells