Not being destroyed from within

Sometimes it amazes me with the ignorance of some people. In a recent letter, a Navy vet that leans towards a Christian persuasion had issues with a certain Pentagon-mandated policy. Please note that this was a policy that came from the Pentagon and not the President, as he tried to imply.

The policy would give U.S. soldiers the chance to wear certain clothing that assists in their freedom of religion. Take notice that it is a chance and not a guarantee. If a soldier is Jewish and wants to wear a kippah, then he would need to go through his chain of command to get permission. And, yes, this policy is open to more than just Sikhs and Muslims. It is open to many different faiths that live peaceably in our nation.

Another issue is the victim mentality this writer represents. Christians represent a large majority of this nation and the military, so how can we possibly be destroyed from within? While on the topic, Christianity does not promote the freedom of religion represented in our Constitution as the writer implied. The only freedom given in the Tanakh and New Testament is to choose God or burn in Hell.

But perhaps the writer has a point in his letter when he mentioned the Fort Hood shooter. We don’t want people like him. I guess he wants soldiers like we had in the old days like Army Sgt. Timothy McVeigh, Marine Pvt. Lee Harvey Oswald and Navy Chief Warrant Officer John Walker Jr.

Perry Nichols