James McTyeire Baldwin

James McTyeire Baldwin, born Nov. 23, 1993, flew with angel’s wings into God’s loving arms taking him to Heaven, on Jan. 20, 2014, after a courageous battle with cancer.

Hope Weber, mother, and Dan Weber, step-father, heard many times that Tye was one-of-a kind with a heart of gold and love for everyone. Tye would always tell the children at the Children’s Cancer Center in Augusta, Ga., “it’s going to be OK.” He was like a big brother to all of them and they looked up to him.

Tye touched many family, friends and loved ones as they have touched his life. Tye’s girlfriend, Kensley Cobb, and her family, mother, Leslie; father, Ken; and sister, Taylor Crosby and her husband Tripp, were looking forward to the day to have Tye as their son-in-law. Tye was his mother’s blessed gift on this earth, but he was always God’s child to return to his true home in heaven.

In celebration of Tye, donations may be made in memory of Tye to a charity of your choice.