Jerry and June Meadows Perrine formally of Newport, Ohio, celebrated their 60th anniversary.

The couple was married Jan. 1, 1954, in Newport. When they came out of the church, they found that the late Ray Perrine, the groom’s father, had taken their car away with the wrecker and left the 1925 Model T Ford for them to drive away with. (Keep in mind, it’s a convertable with open sides and only one small seat, not much room or any heat at all on Jan. 1.) Many people have asked over the years, “Why January 1st?” and she always answers, “Because in 1953, my dad (the late Tom Meadows) said we had to wait till next year.”

The couple celebrated their anniversay in Ft. Myers, Fla., at their home with their children and grandchildren, Tom Perrine and Rendi of Williamstown, Sherry Farley Perrine of Newport, Todd Perrine and Pam of Belpre, and daughter, Katelyn Perrine. The day was spent having lunch and watching family movies.