Animal abuse charges not true

It is sad to even have to write this letter. But as a parent of kids within the Mineral Wells school district and parent of children who play baseball at Mineral Wells, it blows my mind that a few people can strong-arm the board of education into thinking about shutting down the single largest fundraiser that MWBSAI has each year. Last year’s event was standing room only and received tons of support from our local businesses and private contributors.

This event is designed to support the baseball league that requires a large amount of funds to keep going. With that being said MWBSAI has never received county funds or grant money to keep its organization available to our youth. Its funds are directly from business sponsors and hours upon hours of dedicated children, parents and association members.

I’m sure the people accusing MWBSAI of abusing animals in the name of fun for a fundraiser very rarely get off their couch let alone come to the ball fields and take a minute to realize the hard work to bring these kids’ dream to a reality. So I’m asking you to take a minute and call the board office and make them aware of your support of this event, and if you attended last year’s event reassure them the allegations these people have made are simply not true.

And if this event is shut down at the satisfaction of yet another fringe group in America such as PETA, then please keep the board of eduction members in mind when voting for new members. And ask yourself if you are going to support someone who didn’t support your child’s youth athletics.

Jeff Conley

Mineral Wells