Depriving kids of school days

It appears that once again this year, the children attending Wood County schools are going to be deprived of their full complement of instructional days. In recent years, which have included relatively quite, mild winters, there have been an obvious excess of “snow days.” The school year was extended somewhat, but the legislatively-required minimum number of school days was still not met.

This year (a more typical winter) will be even worse, and a couple of obvious changes need to be considered: First, if the general population is going to and from work, the grocery stores are open, the customers are at WalMart, the city buses are running, the mail is delivered, the UPS trucks are getting around, etc., then there should be school held also. People living in far colder climates get their full school year in just fine, and we can, too.

Second, if this winter really is the start of a new Ice Age (sarcasm intended), then we should figure out how to extend the school year further into June. I’ve lived in a number of places both colder and warmer than here, but I’ve not seen such a problem with “snow days” – or with such massive amounts of salt dumped on so little snow. But that’s another topic.

George Roe