Taylor: Stadium costs due to limited time, add ons

PARKERSBURG – The engineer heading the Parkersburg High School Stadium Field project said on Friday costs increased in the final months due to a shortage of time and previously removed items being placed back in to the project.

Ryan Taylor of Pickering Associates says in the rush to get the stadium open for the first PHS football game, items which were cut from the project due to costs were placed back in by members of the Parkersburg High School Stadium Committee.

Taylor also said work which originally was slated to be done by volunteers was instead completed by the contractor due to a shortage of time, which again increased the final cost.

“In the beginning it was supposed to be a bare-bones job. It didn’t become a bare-bones job,” he said. “In the end they got a very nice stadium, and at the end of the day I think that was the right choice.”

Critics have said the project cost swelled from $1.3 million to more than $2 million in a matter of months. Taylor said the original $1.3 million estimate was changed when the project began to $1.6 million, and officials were told costs were increasing as the project progressed.

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