Rapp to Vienna: Local water supply is safe

VIENNA – With the recent water crisis in Charleston, Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp informed the public that Vienna’s water supply is set up in a different, and much safer, way than the Charleston water system.

Rapp spoke with members of city council and the public works department about the safety of the Vienna water system during the Thursday evening meeting of city council.

Craig Metz, public works director for Vienna, said the Vienna water supply comes from three separate water fields, featuring eight drilled wells, that access a 90-foot-deep aquifer that flows “from the mountains toward the river.”

In the event of an emergency, such as contamination of one well, that well can be completely isolated and shut down quickly, Metz said.

Reports from Charleston indicate the water supplies of the state will be under closer inspections in the future, Rapp said. The city will be ready to meet, and possibly exceed, any new requirements for security around water sources, he said.

Plans for the new water tanks include security fencing, locks and camera systems, Rapp said.

“Vienna is ahead of the game because we already have our new tanks planned,” Rapp said.

Budget presentations for the 2014-2015 fiscal year continued Thursday evening.

Norm Harris, Vienna Parks and Recreation director, said animal control requires a replacement in-vehicle video system, after their current one broke.

Requests were made in the budget for a full-time assistant director of parks and recreation, and to refit all locks in the park so that a single master key can be universally used, Harris said.

A total of $36,000 was requested to resurface the tennis courts, and the request for a snow machine to create snow for the sledding hill was added, Harris said. Requests to replace the fiberglass flagpoles at the ball fields in Jackson Park with aluminum models were also made by Harris.

A total of $50,000 of the money already slotted for Parks and Recreation was given instead to Public Works for the repair of a slipping road in Jackson Park, Harris said.

A total of $60,000 was requested for expansion of the Jackson Pool concession stand area, and $23,800 was requested for other civic promotional activities such as outdoor movies, concerts, other forms of entertainment, car shows, and concessions at such events, Harris said.

Stephanie Broffman, Human Resources director for the city of Vienna, requested budget increases for mailing quarterly newsletters and the postage required to do so.

A full-time position salary was requested, Broffman said. She also requested $300 for seminar fees, $50 for dues, $520 for promotional materials and $220 for law books, Broffman said.

Paul Thornton, Vienna councilman, ended the meeting with the announcement that all departments will have to decide where their priorities lie.

The current requested budget from all departments totals $2.2 million more than the city’s budget allows, and this does not account for health care insurance cost increases, Thornton said.