Walter’s passing thoughts

Every road leads somewhere, especially that beautiful four lane with no obstacles.

Successful formula for education – make rules, not excuses.

Peace – An elusive dream that humankind must chase, if only to survive.

The older you become, the better you see – but not necessarily with your eyes.

Set your own sails. If they catch an ill wind, blame the sailor, not the wind.

Gospel music… Like ol’ Josh said, “If you ain’t in Heaven, you are right next door”.

Don’t ponder the future – help mold it.

Vice President. First word in that title rather scares you.

Polls – no one ever asked me.

Gossip – A deadly form of pollution.

Quiet time – A warm shower for the soul.

Digital clocks take the fun out of telling time.

Like taking candy from a baby – we might need to rethink that analogy.

Political correctness – Sensitivity boot camp.

Grandmothers – Old stars shining brighter.

A teaspoon full of spring cures the most severe case of cabin fever.

Humility – You might climb the highest mountain, but you are still at the bottom of the sky.

The only things you can take with you are the things you give away.

Don’t dance with the devil – You just might fall in love.

Losing confidence is like the sun fading at evening’s ends. Losing faith is no sunrise.

Raining on a kid’s picnic, or sunshine on a farmer plowing his field – We are not the only ones with tough decisions every day.

A dark room cannot be home to a bright light.