Belpre Kraton leak under assessment by response team

BELPRE- The impact of a solvent leak from Kraton Thursday morning is still being assessed.

At approximately 3:15 a.m. Thursday, the Kraton Belpre Site experienced a release of process solvents as a result of a leak in a piece of equipment that provides cooling to process equipment, the company said.

“Upon discovery of the discharge the plant immediately implemented our on-site response efforts, which include our in-plant environmental support team” said Mike White, Belpre Plant spokesman. “We also promptly notified appropriate outside agencies and authorities.”

The equipment leak resulted in a discharge to the plant’s southside retention pond and subsequently to the adjoining Davis Creek, which feeds into the Ohio River.

“We have identified and isolated what we believe to be the initial source of the discharge,” White said.

As a result of the discharge, fish were killed, but company officials do not know how many.

The in-plant environmental response team acted immediately and deployed booms in Davis Creek and the Ohio River to minimize the environmental impact, White said.

Environmental impacts are being assessed. An investigation team has been formed to determine primary cause of the leak.

“We are working cooperatively with the governmental agencies who are on site and we are responding to all requests of authorities and agencies,” White said.