No Safeguards

It seems virtually every revelation about Obamacare is another piece of bad news. President Barack Obama’s takeover of the national health care system is dominated by bad ideas.

One is the grace period for those who buy health insurance policies through the program. They have 90 days to begin paying premiums, and can cancel at any time during that period.

As many thoughtful analysts have pointed out, that will lead some people who know they need expensive health care to sign up for Obamacare, get costly treatment, then leave insurers in the lurch by failing to pay premiums.

Think it won’t happen? Think again.

Think about the amount of “welfare” fraud that occurs in areas without adequate safeguards against it.

Here’s another catch: If those with new policies cancel within the first 30 days, insurance companies must try to collect from them. After that, it is up to health care providers.

That, of course, will mean higher health care costs for the rest of us.

It is just one more reason for Congress to repeal Obamacare immediately.