‘Dynasty’ fight is important

In response to the “Free Speech isn’t the issue” on Dec. 24, “Free speech is the issue.” It is not only the issue, it is also the issue of freedom of religion.

What one does off the job or out of the work place is their own business. Just as me writing this letter. I am not doing it on my job time. Therefore it has nothing to do with my job. As for what was said in the GQ magazine that filth I am sure was more the writer’s words than Mr. Robertson though I have not talked to him to see if he used all the profanity that was in the article. I find I am more appalled by that language than about the issue of homosexuality.

As for what A&E has done giving Mr. Robertson time off the show, as much as I love the show, it is the only one that is on TV that makes you laugh without using any profanity or off color jokes, I hope the family stays with him and cancels the show. What Mr. Robertson or anyone else does off the job is their own business.

As for the issue of homosexuality, well the truth hurts sometimes doesn’t it? If you really want to complain about something why not make it something that is bringing our young people to harm. Such as girls on stage with only their underwear, shows where adults are screaming at children and saying they are no good or have no talent, and cartoons with nudity using underline adult humor.

If you’re really need to complain about something make it something important. This is truly a freedom of speech issue.

Joan Barton