‘Wrongs’ that deserve applause

Some recent comments in letters to the editor are just beyond comprehension. Lets examine a few. “Liberals will never accept the fact that Obama has done great wrong.” So, if greatly reducing the killing of our military, improving the economy considerably, reducing unemployment, trying negotiations with an Arab country before proceeding willy-nilly into war, and providing a health care plan which was proven to work in Massachusetts are “wrongs,” then I say they are wrongs that deserve applause.

* “He lied to the country about the ACA.” He did use a poor choice of words. I’m not defending lying, but his utterance didn’t amount to a whit. No one got hurt by what he said. Assume his statement had been completely accurate – like “Some, maybe 2-3 percent, will lose their health care because their policies are woefully inadequate.” Those affected would have to upgrade their policies. The net affect is the same, regardless of how it was stated.

* “Obama wants our guns.” A convenient (from right-wing perspective) half-truth. He does want our weapons of war – machine guns, large clips, etc. Since 99 percent of law enforcement favors stricter gun laws, I submit it’s un-American to oppose such measures (assuming you support law and order).

* “Impeachment proceedings are necessary.” On what grounds? Again, no example. I wonder if the writer was on his soapbox when we had a truly bad President?

* Doonesbury. I share some of the gentleman’s thoughts re: this strip, but to complain about a female reporting a rape to her CO? He further thinks that only Gore or Franken could “enjoy” the subject matter. Does he really mean to imply that all Republicans are completely insensitive to rape? Maybe he should have reminded us of the GOP line that a woman’s body is able to compensate, so it’s no big deal.

* ” … a President elected with no qualifications for the office.” Lets see, we had a president with two terms as governor of the largest state in the Union and he turned out to be our worst in history. His list of screw-ups is as long as your arm. He was followed by a community organizer who, compared to the first guy, has done an admirable job of saving the nation from economic ruin. His record would be even better if he hadn’t met unprecedented Republican opposition, especially re: jobs.

Don Lowe