Global 21

U.S. students did not stack up well against competitors in other countries during the most recent round of PISA – Program for International Student Assessment – testing, recent studies have shown.

At three-year intervals, the PISA tests are administered to 15-year-old students from dozens of countries. This year, U.S. students’ average scores placed them 24th in reading, 36th in mathematics and 28th in science, in comparison to youngsters tested from other nations.

But what about West Virginia? How well do West Virginia students perform on the PISA tests?

We don’t know.

Educators in some states, including Massachusetts, have the information. This year, Bay State students did well in comparison to those from other countries.

West Virginia’s Global 21 initiative for public schools is aimed at ensuring students from our state can compete against those from throughout the world. Some PISA content is included in the program.

Perhaps state officials should look into including enough West Virginia students in PISA testing to get an idea of whether Global 21 is really working.