Scam targeting people over 65

How many Parkersburg area residents have received telemarketing calls about Life Alert products? I got my first call last spring. I thought my four grown children had signed me up for a program I neither wanted nor needed. My kids eventually convinced me they were innocent of the crime. But the calls continued about twice per month until recently when the call frequency went to weekly and then every three or four days. I’m tired of it.

These people call, asking for a convenient time to deliver my new Life Alert device. They tell me this wonderful and expensive gift has already been paid for by some unnamed person and they only need my credit card number to cover the nominal shipping, handling and activation fee. The recorded calls are seldom the same. Some have promised follow up gifts and coupons worth thousands of dollars. A couple of times I’ve waited for the recorded call to end and pressed the designated number to talk with the “next representative.” When I got a live person on the line and started asking questions they hung up immediately. This scam must be a money maker for these crooks or they wouldn’t have pushed it this long. How many poor gullible souls have been hurt by this scam?

I’ve talked with other people who have received these calls All of these potential victims are over 65 (like me) so these crooks are targeting the most likely customers. They might be smart but they’re still crooks!

I believe this is the type of problem the state attorney general is supposed to handle for West Virginia citizens.

Ralph Chambers