Children’s chorus a special gift

Most all the schools in the valley have children or youth choirs. Many churches in the valley have children or youth choirs. But the one special thing that this valley has is a special children’s choir which many folks are not aware of being present. I am speaking of the Smoot Theater Children’s Chorus under the direction of Barbara Full, a former music educator of the Wood County Schools system. Recently, I had the privilege to attend their Christmas Concert that was held at Trinity Episcopal Church and was amazed at the choral talent and presentation of 35 talented children of the Wood County and Washington County area.

Mrs. Full is assisted by Felice Jorgeson, Smoot Theatre director, and accompanist Marsha Parsons, another former county music educator. At their recent concert, the chorus exhibited their abundance of talent with Christmas pieces done in Latin, and others with backgrounds from France, Africa, and the Southern Appalachian regions of the U.S. It was an outstanding performance and I encourage the public to take advantage of hearing these talented children when they offer a performance in the area.

I personally not only want to thank the directors, accompanist and special instrumental musicians that supported these children at the concert, but especially the parents who see that their children get to the regular practices and concerts. Without the dedication of these people, our community would not have this special opportunity for talented children to perform.

I encourage readers to take the opportunity to experience this gift of the valley when they perform again.

Rev. Larry D. Jackson

Trinity Episcopal Church