No help for Alzheimer’s patient

I would love to know the purpose of the Adult Protective Services. I would also like to know who protects senior citizens from themselves when they suffer from dementia, are living alone in a mobile home with no utilities whatsoever that has burned twice from two different kerosene heaters? The man is almost 80 years old and ended up at someone’s house tonight with no idea where he lived, what his age was or even how he got to the house he went to.

I have called Adult Protective Services on at least six occasions; called DHHR on two occasions and was told by both there was nothing they could do. The man gets violent when he sundowns in the evening hours, yet we couldn’t even get the hygiene commissioner to approve an application to commit because it was associated with dementia or possible Alzheimer’s.

What’s the next step? Wait until we find him dead on the side of the road, frozen to death? I would sincerely like to know who helps this kind of human being? Wood County Sheriff’s Department was kind enough to send someone to pick him up last night and take him to “the mission.” The man has a key to an apartment he “thinks” he rented but has no idea where it is. If that doesn’t say “I need help” what does?

Dementia or Alzheimer’s is always at its worst in the evening hours and this poor man (who by the way has an income if he can remember where to have the check sent) and, yes, West Virginia Medicaid, for all the good it does, had no clue as to even what year it is. He even has a card to buy food, but since he doesn’t know where he lives, how would he go about using it?

I am absolutely appalled at the system and the people running this system for letting someone just walk around town in this shape. If he has dementia or Alzheimer’s he’s obviously not able to make decisions on his own but there’s no place to turn to get help for him. No wonder the homeless count is what it is in Parkersburg. Everyone passes the buck.

Thank you Wood County Sheriff’s Department. They at least tried. Now can someone please tell me who to turn to for help for this man?

Deborah S. Turrill