Doonesbury is too offensive

I’m curious. Do you really think that rape is an appropriate topic to cover in the Sunday comics?

I’m referring to the Dec. 8 episode of Doonesbury. I won’t give the whole plot line of the comic, but to summarize, a female soldier tries to report a rape committed by her superior officer to the same officer who committed the act, and hilarity ensues.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why you run this strip every week. I have never found it funny, and more often then not, I think it is offensive, and this week was the worst I can remember. This comic, I think, could only be enjoyed by someone with the same political leanings of say an Al Gore or Al Franken. If you pay attention to the results and comments of the polls you post online, and the election results of the area, you could not conclude that your readers are the target demographic the author is aiming for.

A quick Google search will find about 200 comics The News and Sentinel would have to choose from. Why not one of the comics featured in the daily paper, like Arlo and Janis, or maybe Peanuts.

Maybe I’m in the minority, (I doubt it, though) but I read the comics section to escape for a moment, not to be told this world (and, more specifically, this country) is an awful, unfair place, and anyone who doesn’t agree with the author of a comic strip is the reason for it.

Kenneth Cooper