Health care workers are heroes

As you prepare for the festivities of the Christmas season and try to remember and show appreciation to others with a gift and/or token of appreciation, remember the health care workers and staff in nursing homes.

I am currently engaged in eldercare with my 95-year-old mother, who is a long-term resident at Eagle Pointe nursing home. Regardless, where you have a family member who needs 24-7 care, the staff and health care workers at nursing homes are my heroes. These people work long hours on rotating shifts taking care of people who can no longer take care of themselves.

The situations are hectic at times and as with any workplace, school, office, sales/service or feeding people in restaurants – things get tough as multiple residents need care at the same time. We all wish our loved ones could be with us or in their former home. But, be glad these dedicated nurses, support staff and therapists do the best they can for your loved one. While we are enjoying Christmas day – dinner and sharing times with family and friends by a tree – these people will be caring for those that can no longer can help themselves due to a plethoric amount of medical conditions. These people give the gift of love and caring daily, even on Christmas while away from their families. Thank you for all you do for others each and every day of the year!

Joseph Smith