Thrillers to tingle the spine this winter

Follow the story of what happened to “Rise Again’s” Danny and her group of survivors in “Rise Again: Below Zero” by Ben Tripp.

Danny and her friends have picked up groups of survivors along the way in their travels after the zombie apocalypse. When a man attempts to grab one of the kids in their group, Danny is ready to deliver justice, but stops short when she hears that he was trying to take the child to a “safe” group that purportedly exists out there. Is someone grabbing kids for nefarious purposes or is there really a safe haven? Meanwhile, Danny’s sister, Kelley, is getting worse – having been bitten but not lost her humanity. But Kelley seems to be exhibiting more less human behavior and seems to be talking to the other “thinking” zombies out there. Is Kelley going to lose the last bit of humanity in her? When the group is attacked by the smart zombies, Danny has to wonder, did her sister turn on them?

This is an exciting sequel to the first book, and Danny is a tough-as-nails heroine. Fans of the zombie apocalypse genre will enjoy this thrilling story.

“Rise Again: Below Zero” is published by Gallery Books.

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Three mystery authors comes together in one book that tells the story of a family who is in danger in “Sinister.” New York Times bestselling authors Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush and Rosalind Noonan break up the story of the Dillingers, a powerful family that has been beset by tragedy. Twenty years ago a fire killed uncle Judd Dillinger and crippled his girlfriend. While originally thought to be the work of an arsonist, it seems that things are heating up again. Colton Dillenger and his siblings have returned home after many years (and the death of their mother) to witness their father’s marriage to his much younger wife. No one seems particularly happy about it, least of all Colton, who has a secret son with his new stepmother. As Colton, Ricki and Delilah must face ghosts from the past and danger in the present, there is also the possibility of romance in the future.

Telling the story through three different characters’ points of view works for this multiple-author story, and the mystery is a good one.

“Sinister” is published by Zebra. It is T7.99 and is 437 pages long.

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New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong ends her Nadia Stafford series with “Wild Justice.”

Nadia, a police detective turned hitman, is upset when one of her “cases” goes south. When her old mentor and longtime crush, Jack, shows up, Nadia thinks its because of the botched job. Instead it’s to inform her he knows the location of her cousin’s killer and Nadia’s kidnapper. Nadia has been hunting him all of her life, and she and Jack travel to outside of Cleveland to track him down. But in doing so, it unleashes a memory from the back of Nadia’s mind – of something she tried to keep buried. Nadia thinks putting an end to him will help – but someone beats her to the job, and then she’s suddenly a target. Did her kidnapper have a partner or did he cross someone else? It’s up to Nadia and Jack to uncover the truth – and maybe to put an end to the questions in their relationship. This is a suitable end to the series, and leaves the characters in just the right place. There’s also plenty of action and suspense and yes, even romance for long-time fans!

“Wild Justice” is published by Plume. It is $9.99 and 400 pages long.

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