RESA 5 to begin process of replacing director

PARKERSBURG – RESA 5 will hold a special meeting this morning to determine the next step in replacing Executive Director Ralph Board.

Board died unexpectedly Monday, leaving the organization without leadership. Unofficial reports indicate the cause of death was cardiac arrest, possibly caused by an airway obstruction.

Wood County Schools Superintendent Pat Law is chairman of the RESA 5 Regional Council and said he doubted a temporary director would be named today.

“We are meeting to begin the process of determining what steps we need to take to put someone in temporarily and to get someone in the position permanently,” Law said. “We have a very important agency sitting over there without a leader right now. We need to do something quickly.”

Law said the emergency meeting will help officials establish some guidelines and a timeline, but he did not expect any announcement. Law said while it is an open meeting, he believes a significant amount of the discussion will take place behind closed doors because it is a personnel issue.

“We are just starting the process,” he said.

Law said State Superintendent James Phares spoke Tuesday with employees at RESA 5.

“He wanted to talk to them and to extend his condolences,” Law said.

RESA stands for Regional Education Service Agency. There are eight RESAs in West Virginia, each covering a group of the state’s 55 school systems. RESA 5 serves Calhoun, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt and Wood counties.

RESA 5 provides a number of services for those school systems, including teacher training, drug programs and technology support.

Law said the regional board is comprised of superintendents and school board members from each of the participating school systems as well as other state and area education representatives.